Kintaro Capital Investment

Our ‘Digital Innovation Fund’ invests in a portfolio of selective crypto-assets and exchange-listed equities.

The fund is open to Qualified Investors under the MFSA PIF regime. For those interested in investing, the minimum deposit is $200 paid through Bitcoin

Our goal is to facilitate strategic investments in alternatives to fiat-based financial instruments by leveraging our crypto-economic experience, our research and data analytics expertise.

We will utilize a thematic investment approach with systematic trading philosophies that help us reduce and manage the inherent firm-specific and market risk.


  • 1.2% profit Daily
  • Withdraw after 3 days
  • Minimum: $200
  • Maximum: $2,999

Traditional Asset

  • 22.5% Interest
  • Withdraw after 12 days
  • Minimum: $3,000
  • Maximum: $10,000

Digital Asset

  • 2.5% Interest daily
  • Withdraw after 25 days
  • Minimum: $10,000
  • Maximum: unlimited