Blockchain Business Value

Cryptocurrencies have a positive correlation with the increased adoption of blockchain technology

Over the past few years the technology has matured enough to finally make enterprise blockchain solutions viable. 2020 will see the adoption of DLT in large companies that provide benefits without impacting upon operations.

Blockchain technology has matured enough to now explicitly solve a number of different business problems. Looking towards the future, we’ve identified certain key areas of innovation and the path the technology will take.

Where the problems are complex and less defined, we see the opportunity for disruptive and evolutionary applications of the blockchain in the upcoming decade.

Digital Assets encompass future Blockchain Business Value (BBV)

An increase in the adoption of blockchain technology will lead to a rise in the value of cryptocurrencies. The track records provided by prominent technologies such as computing, the internet and smart devices all point towards impressive growth rates.

The potential for the market to double, triple and grow exponentially is much higher than with crowded out traditional assets. It has space to grow, meaning that those who invest in the earlier stages have much larger estimated returns than late movers.

Digital Assets will increasingly encompass Blockchain Business Value (BBV) for every industry; which is expected to grow to:

$3.1 trillion by 2030

The entire Digital Asset market is currently:

7.5x smaller than the market cap of Apple

68x smaller than the Gold market

690x smaller than stocks

Financial Institutions & Corporations see the value in Blockchain technology and are rampantly testing behind-the-scenes

The adoption of the blockchain by Enterprise clients indicates that the technology is maturing. The entrance of major financial institutions shows the value and permanency of the underlying assets. A greater portion of GDP will now flow through the blockchain. This value will be captured within digital assets.

Enovos, a power and gas suppler in Luxembourg, is utilising the K-Stack to fulfil large scale needs within the company. Developed by Konfidio, it provides a modular system capable of being adapted to the needs of large corporates and multinationals. A number of Fortune 500 companies are also beginning to implement enterprise blockchains. Both MAERSK and Accenture have realised the potential of the technology and its business value.

The WEF predicts that by 2030, $3.1 trillion in value will pass through the blockchain

Early investors will reap the benefits of an exponential increase in the value of blockchain technology solutions

Our research shows new All Time Highs will be seen post Halving

We’re currently in a miner catharsis state – smart money is buying now

Digital assets have gone through many bull and bear cycles. research shows that the upswing for these assets precedes Bitcoin halving events.

Through the use of different financial instruments, the fund will capture market alpha and invest in a varied portfolio of crypto assets.

Now is the time to accumulate Bitcoin and other digital asset positions, to make the most of the low entry price points. The bear market can turn around at any moment, making investment before larger traditional players advantageous.

The causes of this new class’s price suppression are currently being solved

Looking towards the future we see a greater understanding of this new digital assets class and true adoption by enterprises and investors. Where there was once mistrust, we now have regulation, maturity and widespread interest from institutional investors.

Blockchain adoption growth is comparable to the internet boom

In dot-com bubble terms, “we’re only in 1996”

Professional analysts underestimated the market value of internet user growth by a factor of ten to twenty times. The potential was either underestimated or simply ignored.

Many investors didn’t believe that Amazon could even sell books online, but Amazon is now one of the world’s largest companies.

People are overly pessimistic at this point in time due to the length of the bear market. This however can present a great buying opportunity for those who understand and have analysed the predicted cycles.